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Dear Oppa: Indian ARMY member writes heartfelt poem fos BTS; Calls RM the ‘most inspirational man’

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Dear Oppa: Indian ARMY member writes heartfelt poem fos BTS; Calls RM the ‘most inspirational man’
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Over the past few weeks, some endearing letters have made their way to our inbox. From letters for Start-Up star Kim Seon Ho to letters to pop band NCT, EXO and TXT, our inbox has been full of love. Now we’ve also received a letter for the multi-talented band BTS. A fan named Sharvi Balapure from India has reached out to the band via our Dear Oppa segment.


Read her letter below:

Dear Bangtan, I am an ARMY from India. First of all, thank you so much for making me realise how important it is to love yourself. I can’t express how to thank you enough. You make me so happy. So here’s a poem I wrote for all of you. BORAHAE 


It all started with No More Dream,

The most powerful debut I´ve ever seen.

You encouraged children to follow their dream with N.O. ,

I was one of them, you make my heart glow.


I think the rainbow knew you were seven,

From red to violet, it spread across heaven,

Like a rainbow, you appear in the rain,

You take away all the grimacing and pain.


I never hesitate to call you my best friends,

I will always walk with you up until the end,

You showed me I have reasons I should love myself,

Be it with Epiphany or Idol, you always wished for my health.


The brightest stars, shining like brotherhood,

You made “Joy” my permanant mood,

You pick me up when I fall down,

You are my lifeguard whenever I drown.


All thanks to you, Seoul became my dream destination,

You made me happy when all I felt was desolation,

I truly believe angels walk this Earth,

Cause in the cold, you’re my hearth.


Whenever I’m depressed, you appear like stars,

You help me with Mikrokosmos or Permission to Dance,

My most beautiful moment in life is you,

ARMY and BTS are entwined together with glue.


Kim Namjoon, the most inspirational man,

The best leader who ARMY stan.

Kim Seokjin, whose face can brighten anyone’s day,

a warrior who keeps your worries at bay.


Min Yoongi, the hardest working p/erson,

who rose to fame as SUGA, can be called a proud son,

Jung Hoseok, my biggest “hope” in this world,

On 18th February, a star was unfurled.


Park Jimin, the kindest person I know,

my faith in humanity did he bestow,

Kim Taehyung, whose quirky personality is the best,

a humble farmer’s son, who stands out from the rest.


Last but not the least, Jeon Jungkook,



an angel staright out of a fairytale book.


BTS, the band that saved my life,

A band that I value way more than my friends,

when I felt that the world was like a knife,

they held my hand and promised to walk with me till the end.


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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

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