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Popular Instagram Artist Brutally Trolled For Trying To ‘Justify Stereotypes Again Men’

The Internet is a wild place. In between all the endless scrolling somehow, some picture or video manages to grab our curiosity, and if it’s engaging enough, perhaps even our interests.  

However, in a world where there’s a new hot-take every day, one where the entire ecosystem has been reduced to this seemingly endless conveyor belt of opinions, it doesn’t take much to tick people off, especially when it comes to spreading stereotypes

Content creator Harshveer Jain aka Storyseller comics is the latest recipient of such rage.  

The Instagram account is popular for its comic strips that speak on a variety of issues 

In a recent video uploaded to his Instagram account, he tried making a distinction between male stereotypes and female stereotypes for his audience, by comparing the commonly prevalent (yet flawed) notion of ‘men being cheaters’ with ‘women being bad drivers, or bad at sports’.  

See the video and decide for yourself: 

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Many seem to buy into the distinction Harshveer makes vis-a-vis individual choice vs systematic discrimination.  

Instagram user ‘ahlawatprerna’ commented, “So well put. Where are people like you found on earth? Appreciate the clarity of thought.”

© Storyteller Comics

While user ‘nteasocial’ couldn’t help fawn over Harshveer, calling him a man written by women, due to his ability to see their side of the issue. 

© Storyteller Comics

User ‘bluehair_blackeyes’  was in full support of the Storyseller’s opinions as well. They said, “Very well said. Like all your posts. “Women are bad drivers” is a generational conditioning stereotype, that’s used to take away access to vehicles and roads. This is not even comparable to a person making a choice to not date due to their past experiences.”

© Storyteller Comics

The rest of the comments, however, are far less tolerant of Harshveer’s opinions, seemingly hell-bent on bashing him for his opinions. 

Instagram user ‘shalin.khatri’ said, “This was some level “A” bullshittery. Demeaning one stereotype over other stereotypes by fancy sugarcoating of words is laughable.”

© Storyteller Comics

Instagram user ‘prashasti_19’ believes that Harshveer’s opinion is ill-formed, she says, “Calling women bad drivers could also be a result of past experiences or observations. I cant see how it’s different from calling men cheaters or dogs. And it’s funny that now discriminating in private space has become okay now? Because I’m sure so many people can use that as an excuse to do a lot of harm to any person or any community. I don’t think was a well-thought-out argument.”

© Storyteller Comics

‘Kavyaarathod’, was another commenter who wrote her thoughts in the comments section of the video, saying, “Isn’t being a cheater or a bad driver a personal trait? Why there’s any need for generalization? I have seen many w are very honest, and many women cheat in their relationships. Likewise, some men are reckless, careless drivers and some women are faulty drivers too, while some women are great at driving. Thinking based on stereotypes is very stupid – you have one bad experience and you generalize is ridiculous. Gender-based stereotypes make no sense.”

© Storyteller Comics

‘Sibarpitchandan’, questioned the content creator’s conviction, “You don’t sound convinced yourself. Stereotypes are bad irrespective of gender. Both the notions you discussed are wrong. STop trying to justify any kind of stereotypes irrespective of gender.”

© Storyteller Comics

While the post seemed to have split opinions among the citizens of the internet, there was one user who stood out for shooting his shot in the midst of all this chaos. The cryptically named user, ‘141.269’, said, “It’s very difficult to pay attention to your videos because I simply can’t take my eyes off that face.” 

Well, here’s someone who clearly can’t read a room.

© Storyteller Comics

What do you think? Do you think Harshveer made a valid point or was he completely off the mark? 

Do let us know in the comments! 

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