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Kafeel Khan on the heartbreaking night the hospital in Gorakhpur ran out of oxygen for sick babies

It was almost midnight when my phone started buzzing. I picked it up instantly from my bedside table out of sheer habit and squinted at the screen. Someone had sent a message on the BRD Medical College’s AES WhatsApp group. It delivered such a jolt that I was fully awake in a second. The sender was Dr Satish Choubey, a senior resident at the Nehru hospital. “There is no oxygen supply in NICU,” his message read. “Cylinders out of stock.”

No oxygen? Immediately my mind was flooded with images of the children in the paediatrics ward of the large hospital attached to the college. Alarmed at the thought of what would happen to those young patients, I scrambled out of bed and groped for my formal clothes in the dark.

My wife, disturbed by the sound of my movements, asked in a sleepy whisper, “Where are you going at this hour?”

“I have to go, my love – it’s important.” I got dressed as fast as I could.

“Work, work and work. You think only of your hospital and the patients. Do remember that your own daughter is growing up. Try to spend some time with her!”

I did not want to argue with my wife or remind…

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