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‘Zyada Ungli Mat Kar’ 5 Times Ranbir Kapoor Mocked Katrina Kaif In Public

When two Bollywood celebs are in a long-term relationship, their PDA, their public chemistry and their social media posts about each other become public property. Similarly when they break up, the fan base ends up speculating a lot without wondering what happened to the two humans in that relationship.

Katrina and Ranbir dated for a long time and even worked in several projects together. During the last leg of their last movie together, i.e. Jagga Jaasoos, they broke up and things obviously got awkward.

A lot of people noticed the chemistry which had fizzled out and here are 5 times when Ranbir tried to mock her but she maintained her cool.

1. Wouldn’t let her talk on air

When the duo were promoting Jagga Jaasoos and went on air for a radio show, he kept on cutting her sentences mid-way and on asking if he’d let her talk, he said ‘I have been asked more questions than you’.

2. Praised her and then said ‘ungli mat kar’

During one of the press conferences for the song launch of their movie, he praised her as a star and her dancing skills and the moment she tried to add something and speak to the journalist, he interrupted to say “hogayi tareef, ab aur ungli mat kar”.


3. When he called himself a ‘Katrina Kaif encylopedia’

During a rapid fire round about each other, he openly claimed that he cannot be tricked when it comes to Katrina Kaif because he’s a ‘Katrina Kaif encyclopaedia’.

4. When he said he can talk because he’s the producer of the film

In one of the interviews while Katrina was describing her character, Ranbir cut her off to talk about it himself instead. On asking if he realises that she’s sitting right there and he’s talking about her role, he said “I am the producer of the film, I can talk about it.”

5. When he named five most important people and chose his dogs over her

During one of their FB Live events, the duo was taking questions from fans. One of the questions was about the most important people in his life. “My mom, dad, my niece, Ayan and I could have said you but I will go ahead with two of my dogs”.

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