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This Indian Start-Up Is Building A Playable NFT Gaming Metaverse Based On Indian Mythology

Indian inspired superheroes (and villains) could be the next big thing in the gaming universe. About time too. Large global studios have long outsourced Indian creative and technical talent but we’ve not really created any strong Indian properties of our own. Gurugram-based Totality Corp. is aiming to change that with a new Metaverse platform based on Indian mythology that blends monetary features with advanced gameplay. We’ve heard conflicting estimates of India’s cryptocurrency base that have ranged from 10 million to 100 million over the last couple of months. Totality Corp. is aiming to leverage this ever-expanding base. 

Welcome to the ZionVerse: 

Totality Corp. is among the first Indian start-ups to combine the concepts of the metaverse, NFTs and user-generated games. The company just received funding for a Web3 interactive environment. Web3 apps are essentially decentralised apps that are powered by blockchains.  ZionVerse will allow users to create and play games. Cashing in on the growing awareness and adoption of NFTs in India, this start-up is creating a series of NFT characters. These characters can evolve into 3D avatars. Not only can these avatars be used for games, a bunch of animation collectibles can also be traded as NFTs

Build your own games:

Totality has worked on its own gaming engine – Zion. This engine enables you to build games, NFT avatars and also your own digital assets like weapons. The company’s NFTs are based on Ethereum. Totality is creating some games in the initial phase but is relying on users to craft their own games. Their ideas is to provide the tech framework, so that you can unleash your creative genius and create content almost with the same ease as you would tell stories on Snapchat or Instagram. 

Leverage your NFTs:

A beta Android App will come first and then the company will begin selling their NFTs. The public release of ZionVerse is slated for mid-2022. This universe will feature free-to-play games. You can buy extra special powers that will give your god and demons an extra edge. Developers can either create or invest in NFTs even as they create games. They can then sell their versions of the NFTs or even add monetisation tools within the games they build. 

ZionVerse is pitching to become metaverse where users own their intellectual property and digital assets. Users can also trade their NFTs with other ZionVerse users or other platforms. 

India’s NFT gaming industry needs a couple of local success stories to unleash its potential as well as showcase the Indian mythological characters. The next few months could see more action in this space.

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