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Konkani writer Damodar Mauzo has won the Jnanpith Award 2021. His fiction shows why

It is true! Man changes according to the circumstances in which he finds himself. This happens automatically, as a matter of course! This thought flashed through my mind as soon as I woke up. How else would I have woken up at six after going to bed so late?

I thought of how agitated I had been last night and heaved a deep sigh. Perhaps I shouldn’t have gone to Sharma’s place for dinner…this sense of unease and regret wouldn’t have befallen me. Sharma must have gone to bed late, too. He too must have risen early…but filled with fresh energy in anticipation of the nights ahead. And I? What use have I for such nights that stretch so emptily?

Sharma takes me home sometimes so that I can have the pleasure of eating home-cooked food. I accept the invitation at once because I enjoy their company. Mrs Sharma takes great care to see that I eat well and they treat me like a member of their family. Yet…

Take last night, for instance. Sharma and his wife are remarkably free in the way they behave with each other. They don’t consider me an outsider, so they display their affection for each other without…

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