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Sitting around during Covid-19 has pushed up global diabetes prevalence by 16%

New figures show global diabetes prevalence has increased by 16% in the past two years, with 53.7 crore adults (aged 20 years-79 years) now estimated to be living with the chronic condition.

Over this same time period, Covid-19 has stopped us from doing some of the things that help prevent and manage diabetes. One, particularly concerning example, is an increase in sedentary behaviour (sitting down for long periods of time), which was already at dangerous levels pre-Covid. Some estimates indicate the pandemic added an average three hours to our sitting time each day.

Now lockdowns have eased in many places, it is vital we get moving again – and in the right way – to change this picture.

Reducing sitting time is a good starting place to help people with diabetes, pre-diabetes and other chronic conditions to reach healthier levels of physical activity.

Global problem

Data from the International Diabetes Federation’s 10th Diabetes Atlas, officially launched today, shows about 10% of the world’s population aged 20 years-79 years now live with diabetes, and diabetes prevalence is predicted to steadily increase to around 78.4 crore adults by 2045.

Most of these people live with type 2 diabetes, a chronic condition that affects the way the body processes blood sugar (glucose). In type 2 diabetes, repeated fluctuations in blood…

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