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‘Ind Or Pak?’ Sania Mirza Takes A Cue From Shoaib Malik’s Book To Answer ‘Stale’ Question

The rivalry between India and Pakistan is second to none in the world. 

For billions of people, it’s the biggest rivalry in the world. Hence, whenever these two nations take on each other, the contest becomes a great spectacle around the globe.

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Be it cricket or any other sport, fans from both sides don’t want to see their team lose against the arch-rivals.  

For a fan, it’s either India or Pakistan, there’s no middle ground but for India tennis star Sania Mirza picking a side is not easy because while her heart is Indian, the love of her life is a Pakistani international. 

Whenever the two nuclear-armed nations take on each other on a cricket field, people are always interested in knowing who she supports among the two countries.

Sania has time and again reiterated that this is the most annoying question she gets asked by the journalists but she has finally spilt the beans.

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Sania was shooting for a private Pakistani channel with her cricketer husband Shoaib Malik in Karachi and this was when the Pakistani veteran decided to pull her leg by asking the “stale” question. 

In a behind-the-scene video, the show host can be heard asking the Indian star what’s the worst question she has ever been asked by a journalist or a show host.

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Without batting an eyelid, she quickly replied: “One question that I am asked all the time, which is a very bad and stale question and I don’t want to be asked again is whom do I support when India is playing Pakistan?” 

“Please guys get over it I don’t want to answer this, it’s very stale,”  she added, urging everyone to stop asking her this question. 

But her husband was in no mood to let her go this easily and decided to put her in a spot of bother and said: “One second, this is not over yet. Who do you support when India and Pakistan play?” 

Sania responded with a counter-question of her own and asked Malik who he supported when India and Pakistan lock horns in tennis. 

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“Of course I support my wife,” was Malik’s quick answer. Fearing the backlash that he might face from the Pakistani fans, he added: “But I love my country.”  

Taking a cue from her husband’s book, the ace tennis star replied: “Same answer! Don’t ask me this question again”. 

They both might belong to different countries but banters like these are enough to show how much they love each other. 

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Those who are interested in knowing Sania’s allegiance shouldn’t forget that she still plays tennis for India, not Pakistan and that is a good enough answer in itself.

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