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‘I’m not buying it’: Boxing experts claim Tyson Fury ‘manipulated his weight’ on scales ahead of titanic Wilder trilogy (VIDEO)

Tyson Fury registered a career-high weight on the scales ahead of his trilogy bout with Deontay Wilder – but some experts are claiming that ‘The Gypsy King’ deliberately hid his true mass at Friday’s weigh-ins.

Fury tipped the scales at a gargantuan 277lbs at Friday’s weigh-in ceremony in Las Vegas, a figure which is around 20lbs heavier than when the two heavyweights first met in the ring in late 2018 and 4lbs heavier than their March rematch which was won by Fury by seventh-round TKO. 

Wilder, too, set a career-high weight of 238lbs – some 25lbs heavier than when the two pugilists first fought and seven full pounds more than he came in at for their sequel earlier this year. 

Two hundred and seventy seven pounds. @Tyson_Fury is an absolute UNIT 👀#FuryWilder3 | TOMORROW | PPV pic.twitter.com/HgKC5GhCDA

— Top Rank Boxing (@trboxing) October 8, 2021

𝐑𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐃 𝟐𝟎 🔜

Tomorrow night, the rivalry between @Tyson_Fury & @BronzeBomber gets its grand conclusion. 👑💣

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— Top Rank Boxing (@trboxing) October 8, 2021

This time around, Fury had promised that he would be closer to 300lbs on weigh-in day and while he fell short of that mark, the Briton seemed assured that his extra heft will help him bully the American fighter when the first bell rings late on Saturday night.

However, some of the sport’s most experienced observers say that they have noted a little gamesmanship in Fury’s camp. 

You can’t take anything from Tyson Fury’s weigh-in there,” said former cruiserweight and heavyweight champion David Haye. 

He had his trainers, hat, his trackies, he could’ve had money in his pocket. His wallet, phone, you don’t know what he’s got in his pocket.

It’s manipulation. He said he wanted to come in at 300lbs, that’s what he said. He’s turned up and he’s heavy.”

Promoter Bob Arum was among those watching on as Fury weighed in. © Reuters

The rivalry has reached its highest boiling point and these men are ready to throw HANDS.

Pre-order the #FuryWilder3 PPV now: https://t.co/VljEbXTzmu pic.twitter.com/RYZ6rj4GCP

— Top Rank Boxing (@trboxing) October 9, 2021

Haye’s stance was echoed by another British boxing expert Steve Bunce, who said that if their suspicions are correct then the weight disparity between the two will be the smallest of their three fights to date.

I’m not buying Tyson Fury’s weight,” said Bunce. “He had his trainers on. [And] as David said, a really expensive-looking hat. He had on his full kit, he obviously had his phone or something in his pocket.

It says 19st 11lbs (277lbs), but I think he was probably closer to about 19st 3/4 or 5lbs (271lbs). That means he’s had a bit of a meal this afternoon or this morning, because he looked good. He looked good.

Some observers accused Fury of mind games at Friday’s Las Vegas weigh-in. © Reuters

According to those weights, this is the least amount of weight advantage that Tyson Fury has had now in the three fights.

The first fight, he was 44lbs heavier, the second fight he was 42lbs heavier and I calculate he’s 39lbs heavier this time.

But, he’s not. If you take 9lbs of that away, that means they’re down to within two stone (28lbs) of each other.”

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Despite boxing’s heavyweight division being the only weight class in the sport in which its competitors don’t have to cut weight to meet a certain limit, there was heightened interest in Friday’s affair given how central a narrative weight has been in their two prior contests. 

Ahead of March’s rematch Fury claimed that he had been eating six meals and drinking eight liters of water per day in a bid to add to extra weight to his frame before tackling the lighter Wilder – a tactic which appeared to pay significant dividends in the ring.

Fury had promised a similar advantage this time around but, if Haye and Bunce’s analysis proves true, it will in fact be ‘The Bronze Bomber’ who has closed a weight gap that Fury seemed more than happy to lengthen. 

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