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Neeraj Chopra’s On Vacation In Maldives But People Still Want Him To Focus On Next Olympics

The contribution that Neeraj Chopra has made to Indian sports, and more importantly, to our nation’s pride, knows no bounds. 

There was a time in 2019 when Neeraj could have only hoped to make it to the Tokyo Olympics. From that point, he went on to win one of India’s most lucrative gold medals in decades


That just goes on to show just how dedicated he is towards his sport and to his craft.

Naturally, if the man wants to take some time off, and to enjoy a vacation or two, he has every right to, without worrying about his upcoming tournaments and events. 

© Instagram/neeraj____chopra

Doing just that, he recently went to the Maldives, from where he shared a video where he went deep-sea diving.

Aasman par, zameen pe, ya underwater, I’m always thinking of the javelin!

PS: Training shuru ho gayi hai pic.twitter.com/q9aollKaJx

— Neeraj Chopra (@Neeraj_chopra1 October 1, 2021

This is where the toxicity of Indian sports fans comes in.  

In the video, Neeraj can be seen mimicking throwing a javelin underwater. The caption that he used for the post, reads, “Aasman par, zameen pe, ya underwater, I’m always thinking of the javelin!” (In the skies, on land or underwater, I’m always thinking of the javelin!  

What’s sad though, is the disclaimer that he had to add to his post, which read, “Training shuru ho gayi hai.” (Have already started training. 

Ever since Neeraj has been appearing on interviews and in advertisements, people on Twitter have been bombarding him with unsolicited comments that he is letting fame get to his head, and that he should focus on training for the next Olympics. Which, by the way, is at least 3 years away. 


What’s even more problematic is that people are now passing comments on his professionalism mainly because he has been seen in public with actors, other celebrities and has appeared in advertisements and interviews. 

© Instagram/neeraj____chopra

Some people have stooped even lower, saying that now because “he has become a part of Bollywood” he will start drinking and consuming drugs. 

All this vitriol is coming from couch potatoes and keyboard warriors, most of whom cannot even qualify for a state-level sports tournament.

Bas bhai ab kaafi ho gayi starbaaji… apni training pe focus karo ..ye social media kabhi kabhar hi theek hai

— Vikram jit Singh (@vikramjaati October 1, 2021

O Antara di wo Neeraj ke liye concerned h coz we all know dat ye bollywood ke nachaniye jiske pichhe lag jaye barbad karke hi chhodte h.nd who r u to ask ki use kya tweet krna h tum apna opinion do wo apna nd 1 more thing we all love Neeraj tumhe certificate dene ki zarurat nhi.

— सौरभ सिंह (@iitsaurabhsingh October 1, 2021

Abhinav Bindra ne to kuch nehi jita next 2 Olympics aisa kuch nehi hua

— Debameet Saha (@debameet October 2, 2021

Good ab training pe hi focus kro , ads , bollywood chod do bhaiya

— Tasty Toast (@_TastyToast October 1, 2021

The cheek on this guy…

Good ab training pe hi focus kro , ads , bollywood chod do bhaiya

— Tasty Toast (@_TastyToast October 1, 2021

This sums up the problem in a nutshell.

भाई हो गया,जनता IPL पे मूव कर गयी….अब अगले मैडल तक कोई न पूछ रहा।

— Rajan thukral (@iamrajanthukral October 1, 2021

Just, wow…

Disha patni bhi yhi khi photoshoot krwa rhi hogi sambhal ke bhai.

— Vivek Singh (@Viveksingh_____ October 1, 2021

Bhai don’t do ads,only do social helping and government ads.


Some people, though, did call out this toxicity.

Kal taq dekh rahi thi kuch log twitter pe badi gaaliya bak rahe the, ke ye to finished hai Bollywood aur ads ke chakkar me. Kisine to bola bhi tha sirf drugs lena baki reh gaya hai.
I wonder where they went now.

— Suparna Chhuti Maiti (@suparna_c_maiti October 1, 2021

Factually incorrect, but still, the sentiment cannot be any truer.

It is kinda embarrassing that we compelled our ONLY Olympic champion in athletics to come out in self defence like this – having to INFORM his ‘worried’ fans that he has started his training for upcoming sessions. As if he needed our advice for that! Sorry, @Neeraj_chopra1

— Darshna (@DarshnaVyas5 October 1, 2021

@Neeraj_chopra1 #NeerajChopra wow , good to see you enjoy your vacation, javelin aap ke bahon mein even under water. That ‘PS’ haha, great way to convey what you wanted to convey. You live and breathe Javelin and he says he will do anything for Javelin and India. Hats off to u pic.twitter.com/STDA0iNszR

— JaySas (@jaysas_xyz October 2, 2021 

Clearly, Neeraj doesn’t need to be reminded what dedication and professionalism is, that too from people on Twitter. Let the man enjoy his vacation!

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