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A ‘Professional Cuddler’ Shares The Weirdest Requests She’s Gotten & Lonely Guys Now Have Hope

Caught up in the pandemic that has literally ruined our lives, there is bound to be a feeling of loneliness and despair, especially if you are living by yourself.

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Well, there may be a thing that might help you. Cuddle Therapy!

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Yes, it exists. And, we hear that it really, really helps.

While of course, nothing’s ever going to truly beat the state of lying down on the bed, holding your better half next to you, however, cuddle therapy could be the second-best option to help you feel a bit better about things.

The concept explores the use of physical touch to help reduce heart rate, blood pressure, symptoms of depression while also helping to increase the flow of happy hormones in one’s body.

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In what is a growing trend, under cuddle therapy, professional cuddlers are paid to cuddle with people as long as it is platonic.

One such cuddler, Keeley Shoup has been working in Chicago, USA, in the capacity for the last seven years to help people suffering from trauma and abuse.

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Shoup, who earns around $100 per hour for an individual session has even explained how she loves getting strange requests from clients.

“I kind of love strange requests, because what that means is that that person trusted me enough to tell me a thing that they wanted. That is atypical in society, that means they have to trust me a lot.”

“That means that I have created a space safe enough where they don’t feel like I’m going to judge them. I love that. I want them to have places in their life where they don’t feel judged.”

“One of the rules that I have is that they can ask me for anything that falls within the code of conduct, and they won’t be judged,” said Keeley.

However, she adds that the requests should all fall within the code of conduct that she abides by and should not put anyone in an uncomfortable situation.

“I’m not going to say yes to everything, I’m still going to check in with myself and see whether this is something I can actually do wholeheartedly – I’m not going to do anything that I will resent them for. 

“I will hold my own boundaries, and I will never put myself in a position where I’m uncomfortable.

“That gives them the freedom to ask for anything,” said Keeley.

Well, while you’re out wondering what exactly falls under the range of strange requests, Keeley explains how they aren’t sexual and are usually things that adults typically shy away from doing.

“I’ve had tickle fights with clients before. That’s something that’s kinda atypical or out of the norm.”

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“I’ve read books – like children’s stories – because they wanted to feel taken care of in that way, and that was a thing they remembered from childhood that was really reassuring and nurturing. I’ve wrestled around like a puppy with someone before, just to get that sense of play. I say ‘weird’ in the most loving way possible. One that I think most people resonate with but don’t think of it was… when you were a kid, you’d draw on someone’s back and they had to guess what shapes [you were drawing]. That, I love doing, but it’s not something that adults typically do,” said Keeley. 

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