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Germanwings co-pilot’s actions were ‘horrific’: French PM

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Paris, March 28 (IANS) French Prime Minister Manuel Valls confirmed on Friday that the preliminary investigations into the Germanwings plane crash indicate that "crazy, imcomprehensible" doings of the co-pilot caused rhe tragedy, Efe news agency reported.

In an interview with French channel i-Tele, Valls said it was necessary to wait until the end of the investigation, but that the prosecutor provided sufficient information on Thursday to suggest that the "crazy, incomprehensible, horrific act" of the co-pilot was the reason behind the plane’s crash.

Following the analysis of the audio recording extracted from the ill-fated plane’s black box, the general prosecution in the French city of Marseille revealed on Thursday that the co-pilot may have crashed the plane deliberately, after the captain left the cockpit to use the restroom.

The young German co-pilot, 28, identified as Andreas Lubitz, manipulated the flight monitoring system to enact the plane’s descent, after locking himself in the cockpit, ignoring the repeated calls of the captain and the air traffic control tower to open the door.

Valls added that all findings suggest an inexplicable behaviour, whether criminal, psychotic or suicidal, as he wondered how anyone could imagine that a trusted pilot would fly a plane into the mountains after closing the door of the cockpit and preventing the captain from returning to his seat.

Valls noted that Lufthansa, the company that owns Germanwings, was obliged to provide a report including Lubitz’s resume and any history of mental health.

Lufthansa should give the maximum amount of information "so that we can understand why this pilot got to the point of this horrific action", Valls said, asserting that the families of the victims have the right to get answers.

The Germanwings Airbus A320 plane crashed on Tuesday in the French Alps en route from Barcelona in Spain to Dusseldorf in Germany, killing all 150 on board, including the co-pilot.

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